Author Topic: *Read this before starting a thread in this board* Statue Portal in Front of Canterlot High  (Read 136 times)

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If you want to join/leave this board, simply post that your OC went through this portal. He/she could already know how to walk and how this world functions, or he/she could not. Up to you! Remember, you can be in this board and another main board at the same time! When you want to leave this world, this is your exit as well. Hold off on major RPing on this thread though, if you want to interact, make another thread. Those who wish to play the human counterpart (didn't go through a portal) don't need to be in this thread. They also should not have any knowledge of pony Equestria. How do you know which character is from Equestria and which one is from the human world? Thats up to you to find out! Have fun!

DO NOT BRING HUMAN COUNTERPARTS INTO EQUESTRIA TO MAKE DUPLICATES. LIKE THE MOVIE, THIS BOARD IS SEPARATE FROM THE FORUM'S CANON. You can mention the portal but no way do you bring a character originally from their world back to the pony world.
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