Author Topic: The Aroma of a Fresh Bake Sale  (Read 571 times)

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Re: The Aroma of a Fresh Bake Sale
« on: September 02, 2015, 07:54:40 am »
Choc was walking past CHS on his way home from work, when he spotted a large group of CHS students gathered around, preparing tables and placing baked goods on a table. "So Canterlot High has set up a bake sale. How...intriguing. I guess it couldn't hurt to go grab something. Might even let me see if they can beat me at baking." Choc turned towards the tables and started to walk closer, untill he spotted Fleur Dis Lee. "I wonder why she is here?" Choc stood there, a mixture of intrigue and confusion on his face. I thought Fleur went to Crystal Prep with me? What is she doing hanging around a Canterlot High bake sale? Choc thought to himself as he started preparing to send quite a few questions at his Crystal Prep classmate.
"What a twist!" - M. Night Shyamalan