Author Topic: The Aroma of a Fresh Bake Sale  (Read 571 times)

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Re: The Aroma of a Fresh Bake Sale
« on: September 02, 2015, 03:31:05 pm »
Fleur grabbed herself a cola, opened the can and took a sip.
"Really? I heard from everyone at CHS that they love it there and you guys are all together bonded... Crystal Prep is a nice school. Principle Cadance is a nice lady, but I just hate being surrounded by those kids. I have to put on this mask of a different person when I go there that I'm some stuck up, snotty, b*** of a girl. I have to act like a w***e and be around guys and girls I really honestly don't like. Everyone there is smart, athletic and motivated. I'm fine with that, but the competitions for anything is crazy. CHS seems just so connected and very authentic students who aren't two faced. It's like you can be yourself. You guys have united and defeated some super natural stuff I heard..." Fleur took another drink before spittiting it out on the ground.
"Oh no. That's Choc Pretzel. Shoot, this darn uniform makes me stick out. I gotta hide. Crystal Prep kids can't see me helping out and hanging around here!" She shoved the soda in the direction of Ageline's hands before diving behind the table to hide.
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