Author Topic: The Aroma of a Fresh Bake Sale  (Read 539 times)

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Re: The Aroma of a Fresh Bake Sale
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"Yea I'll take care of it." Nivalia says as she disassembles the wires connecting to her vehicle. After a few minutes she finishes and packs her things into the jeep as well. "Alright Fox, let's say goodbye to these nice people and head off; we still got some prepping to do." Foxtrot nods, leading Nivalia over to Fleur, Aglene, and Broadshield. "Hey guys, we're gonna be heading off. We had a lot of fun helping out; Fleur, I look forward to eating the rest of your baked treats." The siblings wave as they walk over to their car, "Have a good one! We'll see you later!" With the run of a key and the rev of an engine, the jeep backs up, and pulls out of the parking lot, giving a friendly beep as it drives off.