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Fleur Dis Lee:
The school was bustling with students rushing to class or hanging out in the hallways. Fleur fixed herself up before heading towards her pre-calc class as she held a large textbook and binder close to her chest.

Metal Burst:
Meanwhile, Metal was going through his locker, looking for his USB. "Dammit. Where is it? I didn't leave it at home, I'm sure. It should be here! I need it to finish my composition!" Metal grabbed his laptop bag, closed his locker, and started towards the music department. "Let's just hope Neon finished his half. Otherwise we're just gonna be wasting a lesson." Metal muttered to himself as he walked, with his head down, using muscle memory for guidance, not realising he was headed straight for Fleur.

Fleur Dis Lee:
Fleur was lost in thought when Metal straight up head butted the books in her hand sending her back on her behind and her books all over the ground. After regaining her senseses she shook her head at Metal.
"Dude seriously? What is your problem?" She asked in a sassy tone.

Metal Burst:
Metal absentmindedly picks up the books scattared on the floor, looking up to see who he hit. "Sorry about that, wasn't watching where I was..." Realising that he had just bumped into Fleur, Metal started to smirk. "Ah, Fleur. I was going to talk to you at assembly, but seeing how we're here now, I may as well raise something to your attention. I heard about your, *ahem* co-corricular activity on the weekend."

Fleur Dis Lee:
"Wh-what are you talking about." Fleur dusted herself off."I uh... didn't hook up with anyone this weekend I was home baking" That was a common accusation she got as she rolled her eyes. ".... I don't even know who you are stop being a wierdo."


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