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Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
Morgan sat at the back of the what appeared to be empty and dark library (some of the lights were shut off). Even the librarians seemed to have gone home early for the day. The student's feet were up on table but together in case anyone was to walk in without her knowing. The sleeves of her crystal prep uniform were neatly rolled up as she awaited the students she had met earlier.

Entering the library, Broadshield notices it's extremely quiet for a library. Making his way around the library he finally finds Morgan. "Morgan, what was it that you wanted to talk to us about?"

Ocean Spray:
Ocean entered behind Broadshield, holding a surfboard. He leaned the board on the wall next to the door, and walked over to where Morgan was sitting. "Man this place is gloomy! So what's this project of yours Morg?"

Ebony Coldsteel:
Ebony enters shortly after, his backpack loosely hanging from his shoulders. He walks over to the table and sits down, pulling out a bag of chips and eating some. He doesn't say anything, instead nods to the group and lays back on his seat.

Insta Form:
Insta Form enters the library, carrying a couple bags of popcorn. She munches out of one bag, talking with her mouth full, "Whatever neat Dungeons & Horses roleplay you guys got goin', I'm so down. I call the Ranger class!" She sits next to Ebony, placing the popcorn in the centre of the table.


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