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Afternoon already? Agilene stared out the window, her head pressed against its cold, scratched up glass. The sun beamed near the edge of the horizon, accompanied by a sky mixed with orange, sky blue, and pink. This was sign of a long, dreadful day finishing soon. If the bus wasn't so shaky, she would have dosed off the minute she boarded it from CHS.

Looking down from the sky, and on to the scenery passing by, she noticed an always familiar school approaching. One that shined bright like a diamond, and had two elegant spires standing beside the main doors. This school was none other than Crystal Prep Academy. Every day on her way home, Agilene passed by it. And every day, her bus makes a stop to collect a long line of waiting students itching to go home.

This time was different, unfortunately for every passenger. As per usual, every empty seat was filled in seconds the moment the doors open. But things took a turn for the worse when a boom at the back of the bus made Agilene's stomach drop, and heart race. Following the noise, smoke rose from where it had gone off. Behind all the chitter chatter of worried students, Agilene overhears the driver instructing everyone to leave the bus, and wait for another. Groaning at this news, Agilene gets up from her seat, and makes her way out the bus.

Ebony Coldsteel:
Ebony looks up at the sky as he walks away from another day of school at Crystal Prep. Now more familiar with the layout of the place he focuses more on the social aspects of it. A tricky game of appearances and secrets, Ebony decides to simply watch and observe from afar for now until he figures out how to approach certain groups. A loud bang catches his attention, directing him to the school bus not too far away; the smoke and exiting students are a familiar sight, it happened to him once a month back in Detrot. Approaching one of the students, he looks over to the bus and shakes his head, "Busted bus? That sucks, I'm guessing you guys have to wait for another one?"

Finishing what he needed to do at the library. Broadshield got out of the school, the sun shining. A loud bang suddenly got his attention as he turned to a bus. Walking over to the group if students exiting the bus he says "Damn, what happened here?"

Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
On a bench not too far, Morgan sits typing rapidly on a computer. The bang caused her too look up but immediately return to typing on her laptop. She knew how to fix most vehicles but when the teen is in her zone with programming, she rather finish it first.

"Yes!" She cheered as she pressed the enter key. Suddenly, all of the doors in Crystal Prep unlocked. Slapping her laptop down she threw it in her backpack and approached the bus. "Hey mister do you need any help fixing that? I guarantee I could at least do something to help with it.

Upon exiting the bus, Agilene's curiosity makes her turn to where the boom had taken place. Smoke rose from an intense dent above the back wheel, as if something struck it with the force of lightning. On top of that, she noticed sparks flying out of the damage, which added to her suspicion. Whatever hit the bus seemed to be quite serious. There was no way it could have been another car, she imagine. Agilene's best bet was the work of a couple troublemaking students pulling pranks.

Having enough of pondering the situation, she walked through the crowd of waiting aggravated students itching for the next bus. She didn't know what felt worse: trudging through a large crowd of annoyed passengers waiting, or being the only girl with a completely different attire than everyone else. Making her way to the other side as best as she could, she apologized left and right to kids whom she accidentally bumped into, stepped on their shoes, and the like. Though the trek only took half a minute, it felt like much more, but Agilene finally made her way out of the crowd.

She stopped walking, and looked left and right for a place to sit. So far, the only tolerable waiting spot was a bench a few feet away with a girl typing on her laptop. She shrugged, and walked over to the bench.


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