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Who is she?

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Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
Morgan was gone for a few weeks before returning on crutches. She casually went up the ramp for the school and through the hallways with her backpack on.

Ocean Spray:
Ocean was on his way to the oval when he saw Morgan enter the building. Remembering the events that had occurred a few weeks prior, he walked up to Morgan to start giving her a piece of his mind. "Hey! Morgan! You have some explaining to do missy!" Ocean yelled out as he approached Morgan.

Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
Morgan jumped at Ocean's words and quickly turned the other way and tries to move faster to avoid Ocean. "Wh-what?" She asked innocentely. "I don't know who you are."
(Can whoever else participates in this thread basically come in all directions shutting off any possible rscape routes? Cornering her?)

Insta Form:
"No prob, Mr. Spitoon, I'll get right on it." Insta confidently announced to the teacher as she opened the door of the Science Lab that lead out to the hallway. She tidied her dark-salmon hair as she exited the classroom, all the while being focused on the clock above, ignoring her surroundings beside her. The girl was about to let out a tired yawn, but suddenly hears close footsteps to her right. Insta turned in the direction of the sound, and noticed a student in crutches approaching dangerously close. "Uh oh!" was all she could let out before holding her arms out forward, and bracing for what she hoped would be a "close call."

Morgan “Bear” Lockett:
Luckily, Mprgan noticed the student and began to slowly make her way around Insta continuing down the hall.
"Sorry!" She called back.


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