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Re: About Last Night
« on: November 21, 2015, 02:02:21 am »
The slamming of fists and feet on a hanging sandbag. That was all Agilene heard and felt the past few minutes. For what seemed like hours, she had been hanging around the local park's playground, doing her usual morning workout. Running laps, high jumping, and hitting a sandbag; A routine she's kept since her early teen years.

After a series of swings from her hands and knees, Agilene holds the sandbag still, and decides to take a break. Satisfied by another tense workout, she takes a sip from her half empty water bottle, and begins packing up her things to head home. Upon leaving the grounds, however, she notices someone walking towards the playset. A guy wearing boxers, socks, a torn up shirt, and noose tied around his head? Either this was the beginning of a real life horror movie, or this is a normal occurance in the park. Agilene leaned towards the latter. Not knowing where to start, she lifts a finger that points to him, and lets out an "umm..."