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Re: About Last Night
« on: November 22, 2015, 05:29:37 pm »
Metal walked slowly through the park, trying to get over his splitting headache as he pieced together the events of the night. Okay, so I was out with Neon...we had just finished our gig...then this guy shows up, tries to fight Neon, then leaves. Metal thought to himself with a degree of difficulty die to his hangover. Not realising where he was going, Metal tripped over a sandbag. As he got up, he started to speak. "Ouch...gotta start looking where I'm walking..." Metal looked up and saw some girl he didn't know, and the guy who had tried to fight Neon. That is, without the clothes he was wearing at the time. "Oh, this is EXACTLY what I wanted this morning." Ocean said sarcastically. "Another encounter with this guy."
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