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Re: About Last Night
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Foxtrot buckles up and starts the jeep, the engine roaring to life before coming to a gentle purr. "Tinder when I find out the answer to that question I'll let you know. For now I'm just glad we don't have to walk all the way to Canterlot University." He looks over to Metal, "You'll like it, very classy place but they sure as hell know how to party." Putting the car in drive, the group exits the parking lot and heads east. "I'm not gonna lie I don't know who were meeting up with and what connection I may have to them. They seem nice so I'm not expecting trouble... If down the road we do run into such things I should probably inform you of the contents in this jeep." He glances over his shoulder, "Tinder, there's a button behind the headrest of the seat next to you. Push that button and you can pull down the seat to access the trunk; there's a crowbar, bat, and a machete in there provided they didn't get moved. Burst, I got a hunting knife in the glove compartment, you can use that as well."
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