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Re: About Last Night
« Reply #60 on: March 21, 2016, 10:33:21 pm »
Foxtrot also sits down next to the two students and scratches his head, "Ugh, I hope this story ends well." He looks to the floor, signs of distress showing in his distant expression. "We'll get her back." the concerned student whispers to himself.

He's snapped out of his mind as Tropicana returns with their beverages. "Sorry it took so long, some of the other girls were asking who these were for and it turned into me letting everyone know you're back. They'll be joining us soon." After giving everyone their refreshments, Tropicana sits opposite of them on the fire pit, opening it up to get it going. "Let's see... I recall you showed up around 1am with a few people and some of the girls, I'm guessing they suggested moving the party over here. Anyways, we all have a blast, you perform some songs about nursery rhymes and then you leave with two guys to get some ice." After shifting the firewood, she lights the flame and feeds air into the fire. "You didn't come back for over an hour; ad when you did you came back with a briefcase full of money."

"That doesn't sound good." Foxtrot says, sipping his beverage. "Ok so I at least know it's here."
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