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Re: About Last Night
« Reply #60 on: April 01, 2016, 12:17:53 pm »
"Oh it's here alright." another student says, her friends starting to emerge into the yard. Most are dressed for the occasion: shorts, bikini tops, and tshirts complemented with a few sunglasses as well. One of them appears with a black suitcase, placing it next to Tropicana as they all take seats arounds the guests, getting rather comfortable in moments.

Foxtrot sighs and lays back on his seat, relieved at the stroke of good luck. "Thank goodness. We'll just pick that up and be on our way out."

"Woah, what do you mean?" Tropicana asks, rather surprised by his statement. "You told us that if we won the bet we would keep the earnings."

A sigh exits the student as he facepalms, "Ok, can you explain what happened after I got back?"

"Well you brought back the ice, started throwing the money around and challenged the sorority to a game of beer pong." Tropicana explains. Several of the girls begin chuckling, as if there was more to this than implied. "So we set the table up, got everything ready, then you raised the stakes. It then turned to a game of strip pong; needless to say it was down to the last cup for both sides but we scored the win so uh... you kept your word."

A few whistles and cheers go out by some of the girls, leaving Foxtrot facepalming once again. "I dont know whats worse. The fact that I lost by one, or the fact that I got that far and cant remember the damn game."
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