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Re: Down to Business
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You are going to need to fight your way into their lab and server room. So yes, a lot of hostiles, unfortunately this uniform and card only get me here. I'll try to give you all a heads up once I gain access to all their cameras."

The elevator stopped as the door opened up. Morgan walked through expecting the rest to follow. There was a small hallway and a door at the end. She scanned her card on it opening it up revealing metal stairs to go up one more level.  At the top were a few armed guards in the top of the control tower but the place had windows on all four sides and computers lined them all. On the side facing more of the compound stood a large slightly transparent touch screen that was very futuristic looking.
"Hey who gave you the authority up here?" A guard held his hand in front of Morgan. The girl took out a pistol and without looking put a bullet through his head and immediately shot the other guard by her. She tapped on her wrist module as the alarms and radios got jammed. With only one exit, there was no way of word getting out. "Leave at least 5 of them alive and cuff them. Throw them in a corner for me." Morgan picked her head up and fired more shots hitting more guards that began to return fire.