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Re: Down to Business
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As the group begins their main attack, Ebony slips off to the side and makes his at along the far side of the office. With his suppressed weapon he picks off any other guards waiting in cover. Passing a cubicle a hand reaches out and smacks his gun out of his grasp. An awaiting guard springs out from the corner, dagger in hand as he brings it down towards Coldsteel. Putting his own hands up he catches the guard's forearm, struggling to keep the blade away from his torso. Turning the tables, he twists his hands downwards and uses the guard's momentum against him. Ebony redirects the blade straight into his opponent's stomach, reaching over with his free hand to yank his tags from his neck. ( ; go to 4:53 for visual demonstration) As the guard falls to the floor, Ebony quickly picks up his weapon and newsgroups with the others, not finding any more opposition left.