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Re: Family Matters
« on: October 06, 2015, 07:34:03 am »
Meanwhile, Metal watched on from the door to the garage. Event, you say? I thought Choc only took part in bake sales...I wonder... Metal turned and went back into the garage, hopped onto his laptop, which he had been using earlier to edit a track he had started a few days ago. Once on, he checked for any events in the vacinity. "Let's recital, bunch of sports training...not much else..." Scrolling down the page, he opened up the foods sidebar. "Only one eh? Let's see...A bake sale at Canterlot High? You naughty boy Choc. I wonder who his friend is then." Clicking on the 'view pictures' link, Metal was surprised to see a familiar face behind the counter, selling baked goods. "My stars, is that Fleur? What is she doing? If this picture is geniune, then it leaves the question of wether she is legitimatley lending a hand, or wether she is just putting on a facade and snooping around, getting some dirt on our rivals." Metal closed the window he was using to search with. "Wether Fleur was spying or not doesn't matter. She's in now, and if she isn't snooping around, then I'm sure it won't be hard to convince her to start. I'll talk to her at the next assembly, see what she was doing for myself." Metal then wen't back to work on his track, leaving his theories for another time.
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