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Re: A New Beginning
« on: July 18, 2015, 09:25:37 pm »
Celestia hummed thoughtfully at Cadance’s question. “I do know of a rather wonderful donut shop in the heart of Canterlot,” she suggested. “Or, the royal gardeners have done an exquisite job with the gardens this year, if you’d like to see. And of course, we can always just go and mingle among my little ponies, or go see the Market.” She smiled at Cadance. “It is up to you. Hold on a moment… Day Planner!” She called out, and the doors opened to reveal a frazzled looking stallion, who approached Celestia and bowed. “Yes, Your Highness?” “Cancel everything I have on the schedule today,” she told him. She looked at Cadance. “I’m spending the day with family.”

Day Planner nodded and left, the doors swinging shut behind him. “There,” Celestia said. “Now I’m ready,” she held up her wing by her face and leaned in towards Cadence, as if she was about to tell her a secret. “Thank goodness you’ve come,” she said in a lowered voice. “I had precisely fourteen meetings today, and thanks to you, I just got out of them,” she said with a surprisingly mischievous grin. She tucked her wing back by her side. “So, what would you like to do?"