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Re: Begin With A Bang!
« on: August 12, 2015, 02:32:50 am »
After his meal, Broadshield continued to trot through the increasingly busy streets of Canterlot, still trying to get over his creative bloc as he called it. After some time trotting through the streets, deep in thought, he found himself at a marketplace, looking around he saw a path of destruction, and some angry shopkeepers as well. Deciding to investigate, he followed the path of destruction. Soon enough, he found himself near a growing crowd. Slowly pushing his way through the crowd, he finally got to the front of the crowd. "Whats going on exactly?" he asked the pony next to him. "Something going on between the mare and that blue dragon, must be having some kind of argument." the pony replied
"What are they arguing about?" Broadshield asked
"Probably has something to do with the mess that dragon made." the pony responded, pointing to broken glass, doors thrown open, crates smashed, and other pieces of debris. Deciding it would be best to keep watching and see what would happen, he stayed with the crowd, carefully observing the situation.
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