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Al-Sal him:
It was another cold night in Canterlot with everyone either going home or heading out to party as it was another weekend night. Most people take that time to enjoy themselves before head of back to work after it was all over. That was something he needed. A nice night to enjoy. Sadly with the little money he had on him that might not be possible. Al just got back to Canterlot to move in with his sister after some work was done in Manehatten. He still didn't have a job so spending money wasn't such a good idea since he had to help her pay rent. But maybe a drink couldn't hurt. Walking down the street without his assassin robe on, he couldn't help but to remember his guard training when he was younger. He was the best trainee in his class, but he left before graduation under his own reasons. Which he didn't share with anyone when he left. But that wasn't why he was in town. He just needed to relax.

Ebony Coldsteel:
Ebony leaves the castle after filling out the last of the paperwork required for the apprehension and transfer of the Directors after their capture, if they are captured at all. Cadance's assistance certainly made the process much faster, but it still was a lengthy process. The night was still young, especially for a Noctral, so sleep was the last thing on his mind. A stroll through the city would certainly be enough for him to clear his mind of all of the craziness he came across in the past few hours. Still, it was hard not to worry about the others, going after the organization that trained one of his closest friends to be a weapon of mass destruction. Shaking the thought off, the captain continues down the road, deciding that a drink or two are certainly in order. Turning a corner, he finds himself walking a short distance behind another stallion enjoying the evening. His appearance does draw the noctral's attention, a certain familiarity taking hold, like a distant memory he can't quite grasp. Shrugging, he decides to use his authority as an excuse to speak to the stranger ahead. "Excuse me, citizen. A moment of your time please?"

Al-Sal him:
Al contiuned to walk down the street thinking of how he can spend his night with the little money he can spend, but he was pulled out of his thoughts once someone called to him. Turning out, he was caught by complete surprise to see that it was a guard of the night. Was can't jump to conclusions.

"Is there a problem sir?"

Al ask keeping his poker face and in a calm tone.

Ebony Coldsteel:
Ebony quickens his pace to catch up with the stranger up ahead. "Nothing urgent citizen I just..." He takes a deep breath and relaxes, dropping the stoic attitude of the guard. "You uh, seem very familiar. Have we met before? Were you part of a guard unit? Sorry I just... you look like someone I used to know back in the day."

Al-Sal him:
Now he knew who this was. He was the captain of the Lunar guard. He saw him a lot during his training. What were the odds if him bumping into the man out on the streets. "I was part of the Lunar guard ya, but I did leave before graduation from training. Does the name Al-Sal him right a bell?" Al said to the captain to see if that would get the gears turning in his head.


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