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Re: Escalation
« on: September 25, 2015, 05:45:22 pm »
Tinder looks at her surroundings as she's put in the chair, trying to plan her way out of here and out of these hoofcuffs. As Ebony lays the daggers down, her eyes drift towards them, trying to figure out if she could be quick enough with her magic to grab one of them without him noticing right away. While she tries to form a plan she figures she might as well answer him, to keep him occupied, "Well the quite obvious answer to that question is that I was tired. Why else would I be sleeping at all? Or if you mean why was I sleeping here, it's because this place is much prettier then most of the places around here to sleep, plus your guards out there are pretty easy to by-pass." As she speaks she remembers the amount of stuff she had stolen from people on their way here, and just hopes that no one looks in her bag.
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