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Re: Escalation
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"Good to have you on board Equinox." Ebony nods. "There's a V.I.P. with high value information that threatens the alliance between Equestria and Saddle Arabia. We need to locate this unicorn and return him here to the castle; there's a lead we can start with. Expect hostile individuals that are trying to catch him as well; if you can, arrest them on sight. Stay sharp, there's no way to distinguish who else may be after him. Lethal force is authorized." The captain reaches into his armor and pulls out a set of hoof cuffs; twirling them around he looks to Tinder, tossing the cuffs over to her, "Under the jurisdiction of the Lunar Guard, you are given the official authority to place a citizen's arrest. If you want to find out what happened to Foxtrot, that's fine, but I expect you to do your part. What's your name anyway?"