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Re: Escalation
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Broadshield and the two lieutenants prepare their gear, each of them wielding a katana and a wakizashi, several throwing knives, and all of them putting on their armor (improved Royal Guard armour with dragon scales inserted/fitted to give maximum protection while maintaining as much mobility as possible) "I've organised for any available Equinox forces and Royal Guard in Canterlot to be on a look out for this V.I.P. I suggest we hurry, our forces in Saddle Arabia have reported that the situation there is deteriorating, its chaos within the government, and if we don't act soon, we could be looking at a civil war in Saddle Arabia, or even worse, war between Saddle Arabia and Equestria." After preparing all of their gear, the trio of ponies wait at the door, waiting for Ebony and Tinder
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