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Ebony Coldsteel:
As the sun rises in Canterlot, the rays of light reach the royal gardens and the sole gazebo. Things are quiet, followed by the sudden rumble of several footsteps going straight for the gazebo. Suddenly, the door slams open, several guards rushing in and apprehending Tinder, Foxtrot somehow is nowhere to be found. Barking orders and placing hoofcuffs on the mare, they begin to take her to the castle.

Tinder had only just been waking up from the first good nights sleep she's had in a while when the door is slammed open, quickly looking over at the door and realizing what's about to happen. As the guards surround her she looks around the room frantically and yells, "Foxtrot!" Quite worried about her new found friend and where he could be. As she is pulled off towards the castle in hoofcuffs she flails and squirms as much as she can to try to get out of the situation that she's found herself in.

Ebony Coldsteel:
The guards wrestle Tinder over to the castle, dragging her over to the Lunar Guards, their banner hanging above their doors. Several Noctrals look over to the new arrival before turning back to their regular duties. Going down the hall the guards take the unicorn to a smaller office, the words Captain Coldsteel etched on the pane. The door swings open and the guards sit Tinder down in a seat in front of his desk. The captain is seen sharpening his daggers, facing away from the new arrivals. "That should be all, dismissed." The guards let go of Tinder and exit the office. Ebony turns around and approaches his desk, placing his daggers next to him before looking at the mare. "So, do you mind telling me why my guards found you sleeping in the royals grounds? On restricted property?"

Tinder looks at her surroundings as she's put in the chair, trying to plan her way out of here and out of these hoofcuffs. As Ebony lays the daggers down, her eyes drift towards them, trying to figure out if she could be quick enough with her magic to grab one of them without him noticing right away. While she tries to form a plan she figures she might as well answer him, to keep him occupied, "Well the quite obvious answer to that question is that I was tired. Why else would I be sleeping at all? Or if you mean why was I sleeping here, it's because this place is much prettier then most of the places around here to sleep, plus your guards out there are pretty easy to by-pass." As she speaks she remembers the amount of stuff she had stolen from people on their way here, and just hopes that no one looks in her bag.

Ebony Coldsteel:
Ebony couldn't help but smirk at the snarky reply, his fangs becoming somewhat visible between that smile. "Thanks for the tip. I had a hunch Celestia's guards were slacking off around there. Normally I'd have my Lunar Guard on the grounds..." The captain plucks his daggers up and sheathed then in their covers, attaching them to his holster. "But we're being deployed for other uses. And with what we're doing we're going to need some outside help. The guards inform me that you were seen in the city with another unicorn. Green jacket, black guitar, machete, I'm sure you have an idea on who it is. Do you know where he is?"


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