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Choc Pretzel:
Choc weaved through the allyways of Canterlot with surprising speed. Gotta get home. Gotta get home. He thought as he ran. Choc turned into a dead end and looked down, only to find out that his coat had started to change colour, and his horn had started to dissapear. "No! Not yet!" was all he could say as his form shifted.

Plaster... Paint... Milk... Exiting a convenient shop, Agilene skims through her shopping list, ensuring that every item she wanted was aquired. Feeling satisfied, she stores the paper in her backpack of supplies, then begins making her way home. All she needs is to board the train; if only it weren't dozens of blocks away from where she is. Luckily there are shortcuts, and what better kinds of short cuts are alleyways? With that thought in mind, Agilene walks into the first back street she finds.

Making five or so turns, she ends up at an intersection connecting four different paths: Three of them leading to an exit, while one only comes to a dead end. The pegasus takes the path straight ahead of her. Upon leaving the intersection, however, she hears a distressed sounding cry to her right. Turning to the sound, she notices somepony at the dead end. The way he acted was unsettling, and his coat color appeared to be transitioning into another. Agilene attempts to grab his attention, "Sir, are you alright?"

Ocean Spray:
As his form started to settle, Ocean turned towards the mare who had walked up to him. "Oh crap. Promise me you won't tell anybody about this, okay?" Ocean streched the wings that had formed on his back as he spoke, getting ready to shoot up into the clouds.

Agilene raised an eyebrow, astounded at what had just happened in front of her. She's heard of all kinds of strange magic in Equestria, but this was a first time for her. Although the pegasus was no expert in magic, she didn't think it was possible for this stallion to morph from a unicorn to a pegasus, all the while changing his coat color.

Wondering if he needs help, Agilene takes a step forward, "Hold on a minute, do you need any help?"

Ocean Spray:
"Oh, nononononono, I'll be fine. My braclet just ran out of charge is all." Ocean smiled at the mare. "I guess I owe you an explanation. My name is Ocean Spray, and I'm one of a few shifters left in Equestria." he said, folding his wings back up.


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