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Re: Picture Perfect
« on: August 22, 2015, 08:07:31 am »
Nivalia remains silent as the blue Dragon introduces himself, her eyes widening as his fist erupts in flame. "Oh cool, I could use a light, thanks." The changeling's eyes glow green as a thick piece of rolled up paper levitates to the dragons claw. As soon as the end is lit Nivalia brings it back and takes a few puffs from the other end. After a brief pause she exhaled a cloud of white smoke right at him, completely surrounding Bolt in a hazy cloud. "You really need to relax. Don't worry, that should take care of it. Side effects include increase in appetite, drowsiness, slight disorientation, random laughter and all around good times." She waves her wings to ensure Lyra didn't get any smoke at all.
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