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Re: Picture Perfect
« on: August 23, 2015, 10:54:11 am »
"Ah! Yes! Vee begin now!" Photofinish proclaimed, getting straight to business with barely a wave of hello to them. She bounded off of the platform and quickly galloping to the trio. Seemingly out of nowhere a small herd of ponies with exotic manestyles and striking fashion sense gathered from behind and surrounded the trio. These ponies were slinging on, strapping on, slapping on and pulling on three completely different kinds of uniforms for each model - judging from how they were going about their profession of dressing them, the question of a possibility of invading one's personal space seemed to have been thrown out the window.

By now Lyra was wearing a short yet elegant light grey c'ocktail dress. It had a silver trim and the snow-white collar to the dress had a splash of modern design in it's angular cut and embroidery. The length of Nivalia's outfit - and from how tight it was - it felt like it would have suited a much taller mare of ridiculous slim build. The dress itself however, with it's white corset, long flowing trail that flowed about the ground behind her and a veil attached tot he back of her mane also flowed smoothly behind as well; like a stream of water. Bolt on the other hand, was a trickier one seeing as the outfit he was wearing was more design to fit a pony instead of a dragon. The designers had to mad a lot of on-the-spot alterations - removing quite a lot of the design with Photofinish's approval - until there were only metal shoulder pads, some armor around the hips and a bow tie around his neck.

Photofinish exhaled after this process was done before taking a deep breath, "I, Photofinisch, sank you all for coming today. I haff been lacking inshpirational models to best fit my photoschoot today; and I have been very fortunate to happen to find all three of you at around the same time. Vhile vee create 'The Magics', if zer is anysing you vant, let me knov, you knov that I can give it. If zer is a dream you dream I can let you live it. Take a chance and let me do vhat I do the best, let me take you and clean you up so that you can schine above all the rest! It doesn't really matter vhat they thought of you before, as by the time I am done vith you no pony will ignore!" she continued, raising her hoof up into the air in a dramatic fashion, "Now Nifalia, if you could be as so kind as so use your talents to change your appearances to suit each change of outfit you can wear? Excellent!"

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