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Re: Picture Perfect
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Nivalia scoffs at the blue dragon's insult, "Ugh, if you're going to insult me, do a better job at it, it's like you're not even trying." Looking at her dress for a moment, she waits to come up with the right appearance. With a quick tap of her hoof the changeling is quickly engulfed in a green flame. The mare that shows up when it dissipates is completely different. Nivalia's height has gone up to compensate for the dress's length; her mane and tail color shift to an ocean blue, coupled with the veil to give the illusion that her hair was part of the sea. A robin's egg blue coat is topped off with sapphire colored eyes. The transformation is actually more similar to her own height, albeit a couple of inches taller. With a look around her dress she spots Lyra and her outfit. "Oh Lyra, you look great, love the coloring of the dress."