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Re: Picture Perfect
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As Nivalia begins to get familiar with her new outfit, one of her fellow coworkers arrives onto the scene and looks around. The changeling spots her and walks over to her, "Hey Rosebud, what are you doing here?"

"Woah Nivalia, is that you?" the mare asks, rather astonished by the sight of the model and accompanying dress.

Nivalia nods, "Yea it is. What's up? Something wrong at the shop?"

Rosebud shakes her head, "No, there's somepony who stopped by there a short time ago looking for you. A unicorn with a green jacket. He had another unicorn with him, she had an orange coat I believe."

"I see. I'll be over there at once." Nivalia replies as she looks to the camera pony. "You there! Take some shots before I leave, I don't want this outfit to go to waste." After a few poses and shots, the changeling changes back to her usual self, carefully removing the outfit and giving it to an assistant. "I'm sorry but I must take my leave, family matters. Good luck to all of you today!" With that said Nivalia takes off into the sky.