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((Lyra, Nivalia and Bolt reserved as models. Anyone else is welcome to join if you so wish; spectator roles only. Thank you~))

A certain celebrity was standing upon a small platform carried by two very well groomed stallions through the streets of Canterlot. Photofinish was tapping her hoof impatiently on the wood as she looked about her surroundings. She was lacking inspiration -  whilst on a deadline, despite having her entourage following her with costumes, manestylists, make up artists and so on.
"Schurely somepony can schow Photofinisch somesing!" she exclaimed out of frustration, "I just need one more..."

Suddenly a fast blue moving object emitted a massive sonic boom. The shock wave shook the ground as the object stopped revealing itself to be the blue dragon Bolt. He spread his wings donning a smug smile as the trail of flames he left in his path burned bright. Bolt looked around his grin becoming great and grand as he saw the camera. "Is that what I think it is?" He asked happily awaiting to have his ego inflated.

Nivalia swoops down a short distance away from the stage, her normal earth pony appearance swapped out for a Pegasus. Before her landing she did spot a blue streak zoom past, something the blue dragon ahead seems to be responsible for. Niv's entrance isn't as grand as his, rather she slowly approaches the scene, even stopping a few meters away from the crowd. The memories if the cafe still fresh in her mind, she keeps note to be more careful. As for her allergies, they're taken care of.

Lyra Heartstrings:
Lyra was singing to herself. She wasn't much of a singer, but her she was in a fantastic mood.
"C'mon every pony smile smile smile!" She laughed and walked noticing Nivalia again.
"Nivalia! She called out.

Nivalia looks over to Lyra as she calls out to her. "Oh, hey there Lyra! Looking good!" The mare approaches the unicorn, "This is so exciting, I've never done modeling  before."


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