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Re: Remembrance
« on: December 24, 2015, 12:14:54 am »
"Perhaps you shouldn't say anything.  Perhaps you don't have anything to say," Clair replies.  He hadn't made it very far before Insta caught up with him.  "Or perhaps you've already said it.  Many who lose a loved one feel they left things unsaid in life, then pour their hearts out at their graves, unaware that oftentimes the one to whom they direct their messages can indeed hear them."  He stops in his tracks.  "Of course, the dead commonly have the same problem.  Many have words they wish they could speak, words left unsaid when alive, and have none to hear them but others who have already shared their fate and are similarly restricted from speech.  Perhaps you should try listening first.  'Tis calming for them to be able to talk with the living.  Usually the only one they have opportunity to vent to is me."