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Re: Remembrance
« on: November 14, 2015, 02:24:21 am »
If there is ever one thing fitting about the coolness of Autumn, it's being in a cemetery during the season's freezing temperature. Leaves fell from their branches, covering headstones to the point where it'd make finding loved ones a game of needle in the haystack. But for Insta Form, the needle she seeked was as clear as day.

She stood behind a stallion who sat in front of a headstone. The unicorn was glad she wasn't alone in the cemetery. Less chances of being stuck by herself during a sudden zombie outbreak, she imagined. Aside from that thought, Insta looked down at the name of the grave she stood by: "Welderhoof." The name brought a beautiful sense of nostalgia, which was soon overshadowed by dread. The kind one would get when recalling an unfortunate memory. Breathing in and out in a slow manner, she forced a grin. "Hey, sis," Insta spoke. "Been a while, huh? Maybe a year?" Insta giggled, "Of course, I'd lose track of time. But so much has been happening, I just gotta tell you!"

Insta sat on the cold cobblestone path. "The boutique's doing fine; making a lot o' dough, and seeing a bunch of hot dudes you'd really love." With the glow of her horn, a quick flash of orange light appeared over the stone, and out came a red and orange scarf. "And check it out! I found your old winter scarf. It's super cold here, so I figured you'd like it." Insta adjusted the scarf so it wrapped around the stone, "I really miss you, dude. Even after a year, things still don't feel the same without you. But it's great talking to you again. Really... great." Letting out a sigh, Insta stayed sat in front of the grave, and gave a moment of silence, her head facing downward.