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Re: Revelation
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Foxtrot looks over to Tinder, a semblance of a grin appearing back on his face. "Sure, two of your best meds. But after this though." He turns to Broadshield to answer his question, "The 26 is a small band of agents that work with high risk intelligence operations. Consisting of 26 agents it allows for extreme flexibility and secrecy." The unicorn glances over to Cadence, "Nations are at risk of collapsing every day, and they don't even realize it. The 26 performs these jobs because no one else can." His ears fold back, his smile fading again, "But I've found out there's things the directors, the guys in charge, have been planning for profit, and even worse." Foxtrot finally addresses Samiel, "They went under the guise of the Hidden Daggers, infiltrated positions of power, and used the civil unrest in their favor. This is the evidence that links the Directors as the source of it all. Transfer of funds, propaganda dispersal, third party mercenaries. All there is to bring them to justice, but I need your help to get back to Saddle Arabia. You know the right individuals to contact."
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