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Re: Revelation
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Samiel looks down at the binder, giving the pages one last flip before snapping it shut. "Yes you do Mr. Trot. You have them arrested and transferred over to us, I'll make sure to use this evidence to the best of my abilities... And I won't have you incarcerated for your crimes. Should you fail though..." He looks over to the unicorn, then scans the group, "Well... let's just say one of these two countries may not be around long after." He takes a deep breath and turns around, "I should get going, time is of the essence. I wish you all luck, especially you Foxtrot; if I find that you used this to throw me off, just remember..." The pegasus lets out a loud whistle; suddenly all of the fresh graves burst open, camouflaged hunters appearing with weapons drawn at them. The group itself is vastly outnumbered, "I will find you, and I will kill you. Everyone, move out! We have a country to stabilize." The hunters lower their weapons and follow Samiel out of the cemetery, a few of them Tinder would recognize from the train station not too long ago.