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Re: Revelation
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Ebony finally drops his hoof from his weapon when he know for a fact that the last hunter has left. "Alright, before we talk about any more important matters, let's get to the castle. I'd feel much more secure dealing with such things there." He looks over Foxtrot, noting his battered look, "Besides, I'm sure you could use a hot meal." Foxtrot lightly chuckles and nods, the sound of his growling stomach confirming the captain's suspicions. "I'll take point. Tinder and Nivalia, stay next to the V.I.P. Equinox, watch our six, make sure nopony is following us. Cadence, keep an eye out for anything suspicious." As Ebony begins to head out of the cemetery, Foxtrot retrieves the pills Tinder gave him and eats them, giving her a nod and a grin.