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Re: Revelation
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Foxtrot enters the room and finds a small table; trotting over to it he slings off his guitar and backpack. "You know the war we've been talking about? The one The 26 started for profit? There's more to it than that, more than I feel comfortable telling Samiel; he was told what he needed to know." Unzipping his backpack, he pulls out a black binder; in white the words 'Phantom Initiative' is seen. "There's a program, the Phantom Initiative, that was designed to create the most effective and deadly agents in the world. They would have no morals, no defiance to orders, and would act as sleeper agents to be activated when the time was right. And when it's all over, they physically wouldn't be able to remember what happened, what they did or what they're capable of." The unicorn pulls out a tape recorder and places it on the table. "They tested this during the conflict, see what they could get away with. I don't know how many field agents are affected, but they need to know what's going on; what the Directors are doing to them. I recovered this tape recording of one of their sessions but haven't had time to play it yet. Hopefully it can shed light on what's going on. Perhaps give us an advantage."
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