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Re: Revelation
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Upon reaching the castle he turns to his lieutenants and says to them "Go back to base and bring me any information that we may have on the 26, the Hidden Daggers and any other names they may have, and any information on them, their organization, any associates, contacts, and any communications and transactions made by them or anyone associated with them" he says, before the give him a salute, which in turn he salutes back and the gallop off. Turning to one of the staff he asks "Could you please bring one or two cinnamon apple muffins and a glass if water to the room?" before the staff member nods and goes off. Soon after they enter the room a maid brings over his meal and he starts eating, making sure to thank the maid before she leaves. He continues to eat while listening to Foxtrot. Upon Foxtrot saying what he needs to say, he then asks "You say that this 'Phantom Initiative' was designed to make sleeper agents and have them be deadly killers, with no morals or emotions, and will follow any order given without question. From the basic information I have gotten, there are about 14 field agents. In the end when they are ready to use it, would they use this program on their own agents, or hired mercenaries or something else?"
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