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Re: Revelation
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Overhearing that they'll play the tape again, Broadshield goes over to Foxtrot and holds him down, just in case he starts again. The second they play the tape again, he has to hold Foxtrot down, and stop him from moving. "Dammit Fox, calm down!". His eyes widening and mouth opening as more is revealed on the tape. When the tape is over, he steps away from Foxtrot. "Wait. Did you hear what they said? 'You are Agent 04's handler', he's one of them, he's one of those agents, he's one of the 26. I can't believe it, he's part of the very organisation that he wants to take down. Even worse he's been subject to the Phantom Initiative." He looks over to Nivalia after she listens to the tape. "Nivalia, who are those two ponies, Victor and Sierra? I know that they have to be involved with the 26, but do you know them?" he asks.
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