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Re: Revelation
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"I wouldn't tell him at all." Ebony replies as he lets go of Nivalia. "Right now Foxtrot has undergone a ton of stress both emotionally and mentally. Telling him something like this could set him off. If he finds out they were responsible for their deaths, he'll kill them all; then we won't have anyone to turn over to Samiel and all of this would be for nothing." He turns around and heads over to the unconscious unicorn, still limping from his injuries. "Let him rest for now; tell him after we hand them over, after this issue is resolved." The captain looks over to the others, "I'm too injured to assist in taking down the Directors. I'll have to sit this one out but I'll get all the paper work done here so the transfer is instant. Cadence, I'll need your help with this process as well; your current authority can expedite the process. In the meantime, the others will have to take the next overnight train to Manehattan, it should arrive tomorrow morning."