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Re: Revelation
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Nivalia approaches her brother and lifts him to his hooves, "Well you kicked the crap out of Coldsteel and a few guards, but everyone is in one piece." Her ears fold back slightly, recalling the news she just heard, she wants to tell him, but declines. "We have to get going to Manehattan. Ebony and Cadence are gonna sit this one out but they'll deal with the necessary paperwork. But we have enough evidence to take down the Directors, all of them." Her horn glows as Foxtrot's gear levitates over to him. "Are you ready to head out and take them down?" Foxtrot takes a deep breath and his things, nodding once everything is secure. "Alright, let's get going. Your highness, it was a pleasure meeting you." With that said, Nivalia begins to make her exit, Foxtrot giving a casual salute to the Princess of Love and following her out as well.