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The late afternoon sky hovers above Canterlot, the blue sky now starting to turn purple and orange as the sun begins its descent into the horizon. As the trek continues, less of the hustle and bustle is noticed, eventually they are the only ones wandering the paths to the desolate monuments that lay ahead of them. Nivalia, leading from the front, remains silent for most of the trip. After some time, the group finally reaches The Greystone Memorial Cemetery. Opening the large steel gates, she looks around to find the graves cleaned and well maintained. Several trees dot the property, adding atmosphere to the area. Freshly covered graves can also be found throughout the grounds; headed by blank or worn down tombstones. Entering, she walks the others to the center monument. "Here's the place. We made it in time too. Fox wouldn't risk coming out in broad daylight for something like this."

Tinder stays a few feet off to the side the whole time while they are walking, not wanting to be stuck in the middle of the many guards near her. She's been nothing but scared since she woke up this morning, scared that something bad has happened to Foxtrot, scared that she'll end up getting arrested again while she's around all these guards and a princess. As they make it to the cemetery she speeds up a tiny bit, wanting to see if he's there. She stops when Nivilia stops and listens to her, nodding when she finishes, "So we just wait here for him?"

Ebony Coldsteel:
Ebony follows close behind, "Yea let's keep an eye out for him. Once we find him we head straight back to the castle and sort this mess out. Hopefully that guy we arrested is awake and conscious enough to give us some answers." He looks over to Nivalia, "It's been some time since I've seen Fox, last time was in Detrot I think."

Looking around the cemetery, he gives a visual shudder "Never really liked going to cemeteries, it just really puts me off." He says, not to anyone in particular "Hopefully that pony will give us something helpful, but considering he's in custody an unable to move, I doubt he has much of a choice." He says to Ebony. "Why doesFoxtrot come here? Does this place mean anything significant to him?" He asks.

Princess Cadance:
"I'm there with you Broadshield. This place is a bit creepy." Cadance shivered. "Yeah, why the cemetery?"


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