Author Topic: The Airship Dock (Open to all!)  (Read 770 times)

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Re: The Airship Dock (Open to all!)
« on: January 30, 2016, 10:00:06 am »
The repairs to her shop have just been completed and business is running smoothly again for Nivalia. Heading out into town in her unicorn form she brings with her the standard saddlebags with papers, a list of things to purchase, and her pet python draped elegantly around her shoulders, drawing the eyes of intrigue and some jealously from the nobles as they walk by. Rounding a corner, she spots the adventurous noctral hauling her cart of crates. A posh unicorn mare approaches her with an interest in the disguised pony herself. "Excuse me miss, where on earth did you find that lovely piece around your shoulders? I could swear it looks just like a real reptile."

Caprica looks over to the mare and begins to slither around her owner's body. "Oh she is a real snake, raised her myself when she was just an egg." The python stretches out to the newcomer and flicks her tongue, drawing a sense of dread and surprise from her. The socialite simply nods and slowly backs away from her, not expecting to run into the real deal.

Nivalia simply shrugs and returns her attention back to the bat pony as she nears her. Shrugging, she approaches her and gives a courteous wave. "Hello there, my name's Nivalia. Are you a merchant by chance?"