Author Topic: The Airship Dock (Open to all!)  (Read 769 times)

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Re: The Airship Dock (Open to all!)
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:52:03 am »
Midnight trots through the streets of Canterlot, with her hood up, her saddlebags at her side, holding various necessities that she needs, food, water, tons of bits from various jobs, and of course, her most valuable item, her large book, "Arcane's Archive". She really didn't have time to be in Canterlot though, she's lived here for a good portion of her life, until she left. What was important was finding a way to Manehatten. She'd already tried going by train, but the ponies there said all standard transport in and out of Manehatten was shut off for at least a few days, because of some kind of emergency going on, they said. None of it made sense to her, as all she understood was that there was an emergency going on, something about armed forces or something like that. A few days was something she didn't have. She could try magic, but even for her, a trip like that would be too far, and she may not make it, and even if she did, her magic would be drained for a week at least. Recently she was talking to some ponies offering pretty good jobs, as well as a place with them, but she needed to see whoever was in charge as soon as possible. Right now she was desperate to get to Manehatten, so she asked around to see if there was any way to get there within the next few days. No such luck so far.

Eventually, she overheard two ponies talk about airships, which got her attention. 'Airships? Why didn't I think of that? I can probably pay off a pilot to get me to Manehatten.' she thought to herself as she continued to listen to their conversation. "I could fly you back to your shop when we're finished here, if you like!" she heard one of them say. Making up her mind, she approached the two ponies. "Hello, I heard that you fly airships?" she said to both of them, not sure which of the two were the airship pilot.