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Vex Scarlet:
An small airship, about half the size of a commercial one, pulls into the dock built on the outer edge of Canterlot overlooking the land below. A particularly red, vivacious batpony wearing nothing but a small jeweled pendant leaps over the portside bow and anchors the ship to the dock with rope in four locations. She opens up a hatch in the side of the hull that turns into a ramp as it rotates down onto the dock. She flies back inside and returns only a few moments later with a simple wooden cart loaded with several sealed crates. She wheels it down the ramp, kicking the ramp back up into the hull on her way out with a wooden smack. She leads her cart along the dock, toward the medieval metropolis of Canterlot, paying a pony at a small booth for docking privileges and tipping an imaginary hat at the guards on her way out, all with a big happy smile on her face, (which no doubt showcases her sharper batpony canines.)

((feel free to jump in with another line at any point here or beyond))

She weaves her way through the streets of Canterlot with her cart in tow, attracting some condescending looks from the more posh locals. She has a look about her composure, or perhaps in her gait that suggests she knows exactly where she's going, navigating the streets with relative ease.

The repairs to her shop have just been completed and business is running smoothly again for Nivalia. Heading out into town in her unicorn form she brings with her the standard saddlebags with papers, a list of things to purchase, and her pet python draped elegantly around her shoulders, drawing the eyes of intrigue and some jealously from the nobles as they walk by. Rounding a corner, she spots the adventurous noctral hauling her cart of crates. A posh unicorn mare approaches her with an interest in the disguised pony herself. "Excuse me miss, where on earth did you find that lovely piece around your shoulders? I could swear it looks just like a real reptile."

Caprica looks over to the mare and begins to slither around her owner's body. "Oh she is a real snake, raised her myself when she was just an egg." The python stretches out to the newcomer and flicks her tongue, drawing a sense of dread and surprise from her. The socialite simply nods and slowly backs away from her, not expecting to run into the real deal.

Nivalia simply shrugs and returns her attention back to the bat pony as she nears her. Shrugging, she approaches her and gives a courteous wave. "Hello there, my name's Nivalia. Are you a merchant by chance?"

Vex Scarlet:
The batpony stops in front of Nivalia. She gives her a quick look up and down and replies
"I'm Vex! I'm sort of a merchant... sometimes." She nods back at the crates in her cart. "These are for my mum though. Are you looking for something?"
Her voice is effervescent, and she speaks with an accent that sounds very local, despite her bubbly attitude.

"Vex, nice to meet you. My name's Nivalia, and this little cutie is Caprica." The python simply gives the noctral a blank stare, flicking her tongue to taste the air. "Are you from around here? Your accent seems very familiar, but it's rare that I see someone in this city with so much pep in their step."

Vex Scarlet:
"Grew up here, in fact! Dropping in to visit my mum. How about you?"
Vex begins to continue walking down the street, but slowly, anticipating Nivalia will follow. The engraved white crystal in her pendant glints slightly in the sunlight. It hangs from her neck by the same sort of chain worn by military ponies with their ID tags, and it chinks around quietly as she moves, muffled by her fur.


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