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Schwambart! (WIP)
« on: November 12, 2015, 02:04:45 pm »
Name: A. Capella Schwambart
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Age: Young Adult
Coat: Muted green
Mane: Forest Green
Eye: Green
Cute Mark: Musical staff with a short note progression ending in a chord
Hobbies: Games, Drawing, Reading, Napping
Abilities/Skills: Is a fantastic tenor singer, is a fair hand at art, rather bright, and wields a masterful command of language.

Physical appearance:
Standing at average height, perhaps a shade taller, A Capella is a bit slender and lightly muscled.  His coat is a faint green.  His short mane, parted on the left, is a dark green that matches his tail, which is kept short enough that it doesn't need any serious styling.  He constantly wears a black vest with several pockets in which he carries things, mainly bibelots and knick-knacks that have no real significance or purpose.

Schwambart is a jokester at first glance.  And second glance.  He'll probalby keep joking about as long as you keep looking, actually.  One of his life's greatest pleasures is to bring a laugh to everybody he sees.
However, that's about as deep as he goes with anypony.  His friendships are usually pretty shallow, blocked from expansion by his own experience in them.  Growing up, he had very few friends outside his family (most of them not even his generation, which made it a bit hard to relate to them), and even they were more friends of convenience than anything else, so he learned to make do without mainly because he got sick of trying and failing to keep up anything even resembling steady friendly relationships with others.  He became an avid reader instead, becoming accustomed to living in lands of make-believe.
Though he does joke a lot, it also makes up most of what he says.  Aside from his merry-making, he's quite hesitant to talk or do any real expression of himself in front of others and has a difficult time trying to be serious about anything.  He's especially self-conscious around females.

Theme song:
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