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Agilene Flow
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:21:42 pm »
Agilene Flow

Type: Pegasus

Agilene is a pegasus mare of an average build, and a clean bisque coat. Accompanying her coat is a coral mane in the style of a ponytail, and side bangs reaching down to just above her chest. Finally, her eyes gaze with a dark-goldenrod color.

Cutie Mark:
A sky-blue logo of a raindrop on its side, and three feathers floating above it.

Age 19

Agilene is a pegasus who resides in the crime-ridden city of Detrot. Before her adventures in the city however, she spent most of her fillyhood days were in a small town on the outskirts of the city. As a filly, she was always curious, looking for enjoyment, and had a high imagination; pretending the entire town was a dark dungeon, picturing the townsfolk as ghosts, etc. She would share these adventures with her earth pony friend, Romen Volcan, one who has a mind full of geographical knowledge. He was usually the brains of their quests. Together, they set off on pretend quests for lost treasures, and saving damsels in distress.

The mother and father of Agilene were ponies who had too much time on their hooves to properly take care of their daughter. Her dad, Aqua Flow, is an earth pony working at the Navy. He sails vast seas on a cruiser ship with a crew of a hundred. Agilene's mom, Tima Flow, works as a nurse in the local hospital, aiding dying ponies days before they breath their last. While Aqua was out in the Navy, Tima was left to take care of Agilene. But that was proving to be difficult as work kept piling up. Despite the complications of balancing life at work and home, she still managed to make Agilene the strong mare she is today. Teaching her the ways of life, and to always be ready for anything that comes her way. When Aqua was home, he'd train Agilene basic self defense skills and agility work outs he learned before joining the Navy. Once training was finished, Aqua recites stories of his time out on the seas. As each story was told, the exciting they sounded. Especially the story of how he joined a special forces group called Equinox.

The day Agilene earned her cutie mark was the day she fulfilled her imaginations of danger and adventure. Throughout the town, a dog tailed Romen, like a tiger chasing its prey. Agilene did her best to stop the dog, but was unable to catch up to the two. Everything felt as though all was lost, but at the last minute, Agilene attempted one final trick.

Recognizing the path she was on, the only option was to go up. Pushing her legs, and flapping her tiny filly wings, Agilene soared upwards. She knew her flying would not get her anywhere, but she had to do something, and quick. But as expected, just a few seconds of hovering in the air immediately exhausts her. What she did realize however, was how high she travelled in that moment. Almost as high as a tree. Perhaps this trick would be useful, she thinks.

She puts this newfound ability to the test by hopping up to the roof of the nearest house. Amazed at shortcut the young pegasus found, she hops over a few more roofs, eventually meeting up with Romen and the dog. With a stroke of good timing, Agilene leaps off her high foothold, then tackles the dog away from Romen. The rabid canine ran off scared after this unexpected attack, ignoring its target in hopes of finding safety. A short moment later, a light emitted from Agilene's flank, revealing a mark indicating a new path in her growing life.

A year had passed, and the friendship between Romen and Agilene maintained as strong as ever. But like all good things, they must come to an end. Romen had to leave with his family to move to the city, as his mother and father found new jobs within Detrot. As saddening as it was, they both managed to keep in touch via letters for a couple of months. But as the time flew by, Agilene slowly forgot about the letters, and eventually Romen himself. The adventures in the town just turned into blurred childhood memories.

Around age 18, Agilene finally moves out of her home in the town, and off to the big city of Detrot. Landing a job as a delivery pony, it felt convenient to live close by so travelling won't be a hassle. While she was aware of the horror stories from the townsfolk, she did not let them hold her back. 

The home Agilene stayed in was something she half expected. An old, worn-down apartment surrounded by bums and criminals. Typical, given the state of the city, but her experience was something she didn't prepare for. Every now and then, break-ins from those criminals would ocurr. Smashed windows, kicked-down doors; the damage grew worse each time. She fought countlessly long and hard, suffering injuries and damaged belongings in the process. Slowly, the excited, adventurous attitude she once had disappeared. Now she's someone who is soft-spoken, and distrusting of others.

A year of living in the apartment, she has not made a single friend. Everyone she runs into were all too gruff and uninterested. For all she knew, they were probably out for more blood. But she did encounter a familiar stallion on her way to work. Living in the apartment across from her's is Romen. The surprise she felt seeing him again was something she hadn't felt in years. 

After moments of catching up, the two had discovered they had been suffering the same break-in issues every now and then. What Agilene also found interesting was his way of stopping the criminals through carefully set up traps. From dropping heavy books from the top of doors to catching criminals with nets, Romen made sure his targets were stopped. But while they did work for a while, there were moments where all his traps failed to stop the criminals.

Sharing their stories and experiences, they agree to help each other through the troubles. While Romen teaches Agilene how to make traps and place them, she trains him in self defense in case his traps fail. In the end, Agilene was mediocre at building, where the gadgets rarely worked as they were intended. However, learning how to hide them helped her become more observant of her environment. All the while, Romen can fight his way out of a ruckus without the need for cleverly placed devices.

Agilene works as a delivery pony travelling around Detrot to deliver letters and packages. On some days, she also visits other parts of Equestria to give the packages.

Calm and soft-spoken is what defines Agilene's personality. While she can be cynical at times, often showing distrust towards others, it is rare for her to feel enraged.

Combat Behavior:
When in a pinch, she relies on the environment and her physical abilities to solve her problems. Being chased by a mad pony through an alley, and there are crates on the side? Some ponies simply kick the crates down to block the path, then continue running. But Agilene grabs a crate one-by-one, and throws them at her pursuer. 
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