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Agents Pastel and Monochrome

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Agents Pastel and Monochrome
« on: November 13, 2015, 07:50:04 am »
Name: Agent Monochrome / Agent Pastel
Gender: Male (Monochrome) / Female (Pastel)
Race: Shifter (Earth / Earth)
Age: Young Adult
Coat: Dark Grey (Monochrome) / Pastel Green (Pastel)
Mane Colour: Black with White Stripes (Monochrome) / Rainbow pattern (Pastel)
Eye Colour: One White, One Black (Heterochromia)
Cutie Mark: Yin Yang (One half black, one half rainbow)
Current Place of Residence: Special Forces Group ‘Equinox’ Hub - Manehattan Branch
Personality: Monochrome is fun loving, energetic, and highly optimistic. He will meet everyone with a smile, and won’t judge people at first. He will also get very emotional under stress, and has a very large mean streak, often losing his calm at the slightest inconvenience. Pastel, on the other hand, is calm, cool and collected. She is often pessimistic, and ignores those who don’t interest her. She has a much better control over her emotions, however, and will not freak out no matter what crazy events are going on around her.

Background Info: Pastel and Monochrome are two separate entities living in the one body. The pair suffers from a unique variant of Dissociative Identity Disorder due to their shifter genealogy, which causes their body to change with their personality. Nopony knows whether the true form is Pastel, Monochrome, or even someone else. Not even Monochrome/Pastel knows.
The pair shift regularly, and are able to share information with each other. This allows for them to fill each other in on what has been happening. This does cause some confusion sometimes, however, as they might have different views on how to complete a task, or whether to help somepony or not.
Equinox's resident shifter.

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