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Groundskeeper Clairvoyance
« on: October 22, 2015, 01:35:04 am »
Name: Clairvoyance Mirror
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Stallion
Age: Indeterminate

Smooth is the word that comes to mind when looking at Clairvoyance.  Smooth.  He sports a smooth slate-grey coat with smooth, unshorn fetlocks falling over his smooth hooves.  Climb up from his hind hooves to his smooth flank and you'll see his cutie mark of a violet crystal ball shrouded in rainbow mist, the only color anywhere on his body.  Above that, his tail is mid-length, a white mass that teardrops downward smoothly, and his mane is a matching white that smoothly cascades down, crowning his head and usually covering some of his smooth face.  Under his mane, his eyes are a smooth white that betrays his blindness.  A smooth horn sprouts from his forehead, its clockwise spiral long and - you guessed it - smooth.

He stands a hair shorter than the average fully grown stallion, but the smoothness of his features, which you're likely tired of hearing about, makes it difficult to pinpoint his age without asking.  If you do ask, the voice he uses to reply is a smooth, deep, and soothing bass with the consistency of molten chocolate.

Not that you'll see most of him a majority of the time.  At nearly all times, he clothes himself in a loose white robe or a thick white cloak, depending on who knows what.

There are two words that would most well describe Clairvoyance's personality.  The first is patient, though most would likely use the word slow.  Everything he does is done with a measured pace, from walking to talking.  Doing things quickly never seems to occur to him, and being in a hurry is the furthest thing from his mind.  Nothing fazes his constant but inchworm pace in whatever he does.  This is not to say he is unable to move quickly, and he does indeed seem to get around without appearing to go slowly, but his natural inclination is to a tortoise pace.
The second would be quiet.  His rich voice carries well, but isn't loud, and even his hooves almost seem hesitant to even make a sound when he walks.  He tends toward silence when not directly spoken to and even in conversation he often abstains from responses to anything aside from direct inquiry.  In word and mannerism, it's almost like he tries to make as little ripple in the world around him as possible.

Clairvoyance is the groundskeeper of Canterlot's Requiem Perpetua Cemetery, one of the nicer but more obscure graveyards.  Nopony is exactly certain where he came from or when, but he's been there longer than the current owner and there is no record of when his employment commenced.  He lives on the edge of the grounds in a small house likewise without public record of his occupancy.

He is seldom seen anywhere off of the grounds.  He receives a monthly delivery of food and other necessities delivered to his door and has very little inclination to engage in any social events whatsoever.  It's not known if he receives any invitations.  The only time he's known to leave the cemetery is when something breaks and needs replaced.

As would be expected, his job often has him trimming hedges, mowing grass, and any number of other maintenance tasks on the grounds, where he spends a good portion of his time.  He apparently does an immaculate job at it, too, every blade of grass cut to the same length and every bush shaped without a single leaf out of place approximately every day.  This is despite his apparent blindness, which most would believe would keep him from optimally performing his duties.

When not working, Clairvoyance also spends a fair amount of time walking the paths in the cemetery.  Often when he does, he can be heard talking, seemingly to himself.  He does not mumble when he speaks, in fact speaking quite clearly, but if he speaks to anypony else at these times it's nopony that anypony else can see.  To himself or not, this speaking is largely the extent of his social life as he rarely leaves and has few to no visitors.

Extra Details:

When standing still, Clairvoyance tends to place his hooves all close together beneath him, causing his back to arch and looking somewhat precariously balanced.

At times, his eyes seem to glow a dim white.

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