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Ebony Coldsteel

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Ebony Coldsteel
« on: August 09, 2015, 09:45:02 pm »
Name: Ebony Coldsteel
Race: Pegasus/Noctral (Batpony)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 32

Physical Description:
Dark grey coat. Short silver and black mane, same colored tail. Cutie Mark is crescent moon floating above two daggers. Clothing consists of standard issue Lunar Guard armor outfitted with reinforced plating and cushioning. Ears are large and tuffed at the end. Ebony has several various scars throughout his body. Unable to recall exactly how he got each of them individually, he'll usually say he got them in some skirmish. His eyes are a steel blue.

Extra Details:
Weapon - Gemini, two daggers similar to the ones in his mark.

Additional Gear:
1 Medic Box (Bandages, 2 Shots of Morphine), Canteen, Compass, Rope, Badge

Lunar Guard, Captain.

Ebony Coldsteel can be described as a stoic pragmatic, remaining calm under times of stress and finding the quickest solution available. He displays a professional demeanor in his worktime environment but becomes more casual off hours. A disciplined soldier, Ebony's time in the Lunar Guard has given him plenty of experience in combat scenarios and strategy. As a side hobby the Captain works on his culinary skills or training. As a Noctral he receives his fair shares of glances and stares from those around him. He pays them no mind as long as they don't interrupt his work.

Born in one of a chain of villages in the far northern parts of Equestria, Ebony Coldsteel was raised with the training for hunting, tracking, and trapping. As he got older he was taught the martial arts, both hoof to hoof combat and with various weapons including the sword, spear, bow, and of course the signature Gemini daggers. While his mother Glacier taught him how to fight and hunt small and large game, his father Onyx instructed him on proper skinning techniques, preservation of meats, gathering of herbs and plants, and properly cooking what he's hunted and gathered. As the years progressed Ebony displayed tremendous skill and strategy, but also was risky as well. Later in his years a mysterious fire erupted in his village, his own home burnt to cinders, unfortunately his father Onyx wasn't able to escape the flames. As Ebony and Glacier mourn and recover from their loss, tales of the princess of the night appearing spread through the villages. When it's confirmed that not only the tales are true, but a Lunar Guard was forming to serve he ruler of the night, the two Noctrals enlist. Glacier's experience earns her the rank of captain, while Ebony himself becomes her lieutenant. With rigorous training, they prepare for the battle with Discord. The combat is intense as the fighting to stem the chaos erupts over Equestria; but in the end Discord is defeated, and order is finally restored. Glacier though becomes injured, and steps down from her role as acting Lunar Captain after the final battle. Ebony now takes the new role and begins his first years in the city of Canterlot.

Noctrals (aka: bat ponies) are a race of pegasi with dragon-like wings and eyes, hailing from the dark mountainous regions of Equestria. With the exception of their service to Princess Luna, they keep to themselves and are rarely seen.

Noctrals are able to see in the dark, and are usually stronger and faster than regular pegasi, but at the cost of their affinity to the weather.

The origin of the Noctral is shrouded in mystery and superstition. Some believe they descended from dragon and pegasi ancestry, but no evidence confirms this theory.

Prior to the battle with Discord, no one had seen or heard from the Noctrals for centuries. The week before, a large contingent of them arrived at Canterlot to pledge their allegiance to one of the two Princesses. The Equestrian guard remains distrustful toward them.

Some believe the Noctrals have trouble with controlling weather is somehow tied to their lack of feathers.

Some Ponies hailing from the Tramplevanian Alps have characteristics resembling the Noctrals, like darker coats and tuffed ears.While they are not truly Noctrals in any way or form, the "Night Herd", as they are called, are said to be the result of Noctrals mating with "normal" ponies. Whatever the true cause for there physical traits, it breeds true.
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