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Princess Cadance:
Not many rules about character creation. Make it whatever creature you want. Dragon, pony, changeling, griffins, goat, donkey, abominable snowman, anything! They can be a villain or a hero or even just your average joe. Just no humans please.

Please do not make a canon character without admin permission. This is to avoid duplicates. There will be a thread listing all of the taken canon characters. PM an admin if you are interested in claiming one. Hold off on Mane 6 characters and the princesses for now.

The biographies can be structured however you like it. Remember, you do not need to follow MLP canon completely! You can even have your own small head canons for your canon characters. Just don't go too far with it.

Canon character's aren't required to have a bio but if you want to write one, go right ahead!

Your avatar image (the one that appears on the left under your name) should you choose to use one, should be a picture of something related to your OC. This is to also avoid some confusions. For example, Cadance's avatar is a picture of Cadance. It could also be a picture of his/her cutie mark.

We want to encourage as much creativity as possible. Therefore, we will not be checking characters before they are allowed the post. Maybe some people aren't as strong when it comes to making a character bio. It's unfair to not allow them to participate because of that. HOWEVER, admins have the right to tell any user to change their OC if they feel they are too overpowered or do not fit the setting/timeline. This is a strong encouragement, that you do not make a robot character with sonic speed and armed nukes and lazer guns that represents every element in the Elemenet of Harmony and is impossible to beat

Pre-established relationships are for you all to decide between yourselves. Both parties need to be aware and be okay with them knowing each other. If a canon character is unclaimed, try to stay away from making a relationship with them unless it's confirmed in the show (for example Lyra and Bon Bon definitely know each other).
*(Characters are more fun when they are not perfect)

Princess Cadance:
A few updates.


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