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« on: August 07, 2015, 04:31:05 pm »
Name - Foxtrot
Race - Unicorn
Age - 26
Gender - Stallion

Appearance: Brown coat. Short black mane, black colored tail. Cutie Mark is a white falcon, green shield, and four red diamonds at each corner. Clothing consists of green field jacket equipped with armor plating underneath (Like Kevlar). A piece of his right ear is missing, it appears to have been surgically removed due to the precise shape of the missing piece. Foxtrot also has several scars underneath his jacket that were obtained throughout his career as a frontline soldier. Due to the memories of how he got them all, he keeps them hidden by almost always having his jacket on and zipped up. Along the length of his back there are ten scars of various lengths seen, however they are all short enough to be completely covered by his jacket. Foxtrot also carries a backpack containing most of his gear.

Current Profession - Freelancer, Musician

Weapon - Vindicator, a century year old combat machete forged by Foxtrot's grandfather. Named Vindicator, the sheath itself can be used as a nonlethal projectile (the drawback is that he only has one sheath).

Skills: Covert Warfare, Stealth, Lockpicking, Close Quarters Combat, Guitar Playing


Cutie Mark:

Acoustic Guitar (Without Light Blue Runes): Obtained from a wager with an aging, rambling Griffon; the guitar has two unique features. The first is that of being nearly indestructible; many times Foxtrot has used this instrument as a blunt weapon for defense and surprise attacks against unsuspecting targets.

Personality - Raised to be polite and respectable, Foxtrot meets new individuals with an open mindset. Humble most of the time he will try to lighten the mood with jokes and quips but will become serious when the situation calls for it. Extremely loyal, he will aid a friend in need no matter how much opposition they might face. The flip side is that he's very vengeful, and will go to extreme lengths is betrayed. Foxtrot avoid topics of magic and his career and will make general replies if asked about it. Due to his mental instability, he may argue with himself when he hears the voices in his head or act out during smaller flashback and halucinations. When he's low in spirits, he heavily drinks; the only positive is his built up resistance. His nature when resolving conflicts is mostly diplomatic, but if it does escalate to violence Foxtrot will utilize his training and tactics to end the fight as quickly as possible. Foxtrot does not kill, fighting with his machete in its case and using the actual blade in lethal situations; however he will only cripple his opponent if he can. Rather laid back Foxtrot lives his life on a day to day basis, trying to enjoy as much as he can during his travels.

Likes: Music (Multiple genres), Chess, Freerunning, Exploring, Planning, Coffee, Training, Archery, Warm/Hot Weather, Animals, Museums/Zoos/Obsevatories

Dislikes: Abuse of power/rank, Use of lethal force, Politicians, Giving up, Inefficiency (especially within military operations/procedures), Winter, Unnecessary Casualties, Inability to Use Magic, Killing, Stupidity (Which he does show himself at times)


Major - Bladespony, Hoof to Hoof Combat, Tactician

Minor - Multilingual (Equestrian, Tropicolto, Saddle Arabian), Guitar, Crossbow, Physical Strength (No magic = more physical workouts), Freerunning/Persuit Evasion, Resistance to changeling hypnotization


Major - Unable to Use Magic, PTSD, Mental Instability

Minor - Wreckless, Small Talk, Temper, Survivor's Guilt, Debates, Alcoholic, Visual and Auditory Hallucinations/Flashbacks, Voices in his head

Fears: Caves, Failure, Cemeteries, His Flashbacks


Born to a military family, Foxtrot lived with his parents and adopted sister in multiple places between Equestria and the tropical island of Puerto Caballo due to his parents reassignments and orders from the Royal Guard. In his youth the unicorn was home schooled and showed a remarkable rate of learning and creativity, thanks in no small part to his parent's constant trips to museums and libraries. Around 12 he and his sister were moved to public schooling; because of his lack of his cutie mark, slight accent, and lack of charisma, he was the target of many pranks and jokes. At the age of fourteen Foxtrot fights off a changeling that was attacking a Royal Guard. He discovers though that the changeling was merely defending some hatchlings, which the guard kills afterward. After a restless night and dreams of the fight with different methods and results, Foxtrot wakes up to find his new cutie mark. A year later Foxtrot's father Victor is killed on an assignment, his sword Vindicator is returned home. Foxtrot's mother, Sierra, begins training him to use the sword as well as its abilities. At the age of eighteen, Foxtrot attends the Officers Academy in Equestria, excelling in all of his classes, magical abilities, and physical/combat training. A year into his schooling, his mother passes away due to illness. Graduating at the top of his class, Foxtrot is assigned the rank of 1st Lieutenant and is given command of the 22nd Frontier Guard. At the same time he is contacted by his uncle Yankee about the Military Assistance Command and Special Operations Group (MACSOG/The 26). During his time in school, Foxtrot created a new form of aerial infiltration but never was able to test it.

For the next five years Foxtrot alternated between working with the Royal Guard and The 26. Completing multiple assignments leading the Frontier Guard, Foxtrot also participated in a campaign in Saddle Arabia consisting of five assignments. His last mission in Saddle Arabia required extreme actions and had traumatized Foxtrot and inhibited his planning ability within the Royal Guard. A month later the 22nd Frontier Guard stumbles upon a changeling patrol and at Foxtrot's order, pursues the changelings to their nest underground. The tide turns when the 30 Royal Guards become surrounded by several hundred changelings, including a queen. In a costly skirmish, Foxtrot manages to lose all but two soldiers once they reach the exit. Pinned down by magical blasts and attempting to keep up his magical barrier, Foxtrot orders the last two to escape, one already injured. Instead, one of his soldiers risks her life as a diversion, but becomes overwhelmed and grounded. Only a few feet away from her commander, the pegasus is brutally slain right in front of him. Mentally snapped and blacked out from blind rage, Foxtrot focuses all of his magical energy into one blast, disintegrating over 200 changelings and causing the tunnel to cave in. Waking up in a local hospital, Foxtrot finds that the last injured soldier has carried him out of the tunnel and to safety; unfortunately he dies from his injuries, leaving Foxtrot as the only survivor in a failed mission costing his entire platoon. Due to his actions and mental instability, the unicorn is discharged from the Royal Guard; The 26 begins to review Foxtrot's actions and past behavior, and thankfully decides to keep him.

After leaving the hospital, Foxtrot drops off the map, wandering from city to city in a drunken and blurry haze. Haunted by flashbacks during the day and night terrors in his sleep, the unicorn begins working on his musical and phycial abilities as a distraction. A month after his last mission in the Royal Guard, Foxtrot has a mental breakdown and relives the event in the city of Detrot. His actions cause the city to lose its power and water supply for a week. He manages to escape with the help of his friend Ebony Coldsteel, but is identified by the Royal Guard and has a bounty placed on his head. After some time on the road, Foxtrot ends up back in Canterlot, hoping to rebuild his life without magic and move on from his actions in the past.

Extra Details:

Additional Gear:
1 Medic Box (Bandages, 2 Shots of Morphine, Canteen, Compass, Rope

Former Royal Guard, 1st Lt.
22nd Light Calvary
Reconnaissance, skirmishing, communications, raiding
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